Model range

Rapid Trailer | For new load per axle
Original | Low-bed semitrailers
Extendable | Extendable semitrailers
Front | Front loading semitrailers
Low | Low loading semitrailers
Off Road
Off-road | Off-road semitrailers
Platform | Flat platform semitrailers
Timber | Semitrailers for timber
Container | Container semitrailers
Tipper | Semitrailer with tipping box
Trailer | Trailers

Our capabilities

Professional service

You know what the company's stations is the guarantee of qualitative and reliable service. It offers skilled personnel, original spare parts, certified equipment and maintenance schedules, adapted to your transport tasks. Take advantage of our services in service and repair of semi-trailer and be sure its smooth, safe and efficient work!

The trailer, created for you

Even small changes in the design of the semi-trailer, installation of certain options can significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of transportation. Therefore, your vehicle is created especially for you: tailored to your operating conditions, types of cargo, the goals of your business.

Modern design

You are interested to get maximum profit from your trailer to save on obtaining special permits, costs of fuel, tires and operating personnel. Therefore we are constantly improving the design of our vehicles: to reduce their own weight, use modern components and systems, improving the convenience for the operator. Positioning information on the legal requirements, we create semi-trailers and trailers that your business will surely be successful!

Our news

Technologies for professional carriers:TRIDEC system 09.08.2018

Our engineers always in search of new ideas, effective innovations, modern technologies.

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Professionals choose 7-axle Rapid Trailer 09.08.2018

You are planning to buy a semitrailer, but still doubt whether it is worth choosing the ultralight Rapid Trailer?

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Test drive of new Foton truck 09.08.2018

Tverstroymash takes part in test drive of new Foton truck...

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Tverstroymash. Manufacturing and selling semi-trailers and trailers

Tverstroymash is a vehicle manufacturer, a specialist in the manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers. We offer low-bed semitrailers, heavy-duty, semi-heavy-duty sliding platform semi-trailers with detachable goose, semitrailers, heavy-duty vehicles, semi-trucks, semi-container ships, semi-trailers flatbed and platform trailers and low bed trailers terrain. Production of semitrailers and trailers for transportation of large and heavy loads are our main direction.
Each heavy-duty semitrailer we will prepare according to your wishes to the effective solution of your transport tasks. Sometimes we make changes to the design. We set fair prices and provide reliability and low cost of ownership for our trailers. Semitrailers Tverstroymash equipped chassis in a rugged, prepared for use in Russia performed. Modern electronic braking system included in the basic package of our trailers. Each semitrailer Tverstroymash equipped with anti-lock braking system.
Service station Tverstroymash is not only after-sales service is also professional repair and maintenance of trailers and semi-trailers of all types and brands. Our parts warehouse in Tver includes more than 3,000 items, including rare, special spare parts.
We offer our trailers in Moscow, the sites of our partners for sales. You can also buy the semitrailers and trailers Tverstroymash from our regional representatives in Yekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-don and Minsk. At the request of the client, any trailer can be delivered to the destination by road or rail.